Registration Fee





For foreign participants:

Academic and business partners

350 EUR

430 EUR

550 EUR

Postgraduate students and young scientists (up to the 35 years)

175 EUR

220 EUR

350 EUR


130 EUR

175 EUR

300 EUR

For participants from the Russian Federation and from the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States ****:

Academic and business partners

4 500 rubles

6 000 rubles

10 000 rubles

Postgraduate students and young scientists (up to the 35 years)

2 500 rubles

3 000 rubles

6 000 rubles


000 rubles

2 500 rubles

5 000 rubles

Absentee participants *****

1 000 rubles

For accompanying people

2 000 rubles

* Standard Fee includes the program booklet, theConference abstracts volume (electronic file), attending of all scientificevents, participation in the Opening Ceremony, welcome Banquet, coffee breaksduring the Conference.

** Extended participation covers Standard set,participation in the final Banquet, lunches during the Conference.

*** The confirming document is necessary.

**** The Registration Fee is reduced due to thefinancial support of the Conference by sponsors.

***** The Registration Fee includes program booklet,the Conference abstracts volume (electronic file), postal expenses.


Bank details

The registration fee can be paid into the following accounts:

Receiver's Correspondent/ DEUTDEFF

                                          Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main

Account With Institution / SABRRUMM

                                        SBERBANK, MOSCOW

BeneficiaryCustomer/  INN 6670029895


Account number: 40703978616541000037

In the column «purpose of payment» please indicate «For participation of (Full name) in MCh2019, Ekaterinburg, 2019».